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10th Jul 2023

Maya Jama defends Irish islander Catherine after she’s booed on Aftersun

Love Island host, Maya Jama, has defended Irish contestant Catherine after fans booed the islander on last night’s Aftersun.

Since the girls returned from Casa Amor, the Dubliner has been fighting with her former partner Scott as she left him single, choosing to recouple with Elom.

As the drama was being discussed on Aftersun last night, the audience began to boo when Catherine’s name was mentioned.

Maya quickly shut down the booing and told the audience to calm down.

She said: “Hey, hey, hey! I’m anti-booing anyone alright, we don’t see everything ok so let’s be nice.”

Catherine was originally in a couple with Scott before she opted to recouple with Elom in Casa Amor, bringing him back to the main villa.

Scott was then left devastated over the decision as he insisted he had remained “loyal” during their time apart.

Last night’s episode saw the long awaited return of Movie Night and the drama unfolded when the girls chose to watch Some Like It Scott.

The clip saw Scott say he would probably forget about Catherine when the Casa Amor girls walked in.

Once the clip was finished, the girls went off on him after he had told Catherine he had been “loyal” to her, with Leah yelling over to him that he stayed single because none of the bombshells liked him.

Snapping back at her, Scott shouted at Leah for being so vocal about the situation.

He said: “You haven’t spoke for four weeks”.

Speaking in the beach hut later, Leah declared that Scott was the “rudest” person she knew and hopes to never speak to him again.