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31st Jul 2023

Maura Higgins shares the most ‘disgusting’ thing she did on Love Island

Maura Higgins has opened up on the most “disgusting” thing she did during her time on Love Island.

The Longford stunner was a fan favourite on the ITV dating show back in 2019 and after making such a staple, she has now returned to Love Island USA to run their social media.

Speaking about her time on the show, Maura told Page Six that she often forgot she was being filmed 24/7 and admitted she would say “filthy, disgusting” things.

She said: “At the beginning when you’re new to it, you take off your microphone and you leave it outside the [toilet] door because you’re like, ‘I don’t want anyone listening to me.’

“But after about a week that completely goes out the window. You do not care. I was changing tampons in the dressing room, that’s how comfortable you get.

“I remember going, ‘Oh my god, do you reckon people did this in the UK and watched me because I was disgusting?’ And they were like, ‘Oh 100 percent, they were watching you.’ You really don’t think about that when you’re on the show.”

The confession comes as it has been confirmed that a Love Island All-Stars is officially hitting our screens this autumn.

The spin-off series will see popular contestants from the US, UK, Australia and other international versions of the dating show who are looking for a second chance at love.

Set to be called Love Island Games, it will see the singletons couple up and compete in different games and challenges as one will be crowned the winner.

Produced by ITV Entertainment and airing on Peacock this autumn, The Sun has revealed that filming is set to begin in October in Fiji.

A source told the publication: “Filming kicks off in Fiji in October – that’s where they film the US version of the show.

“Bosses are in talks with over 100 contestants from the US, UK and Australian versions of the show including a controversial UK winner and one of the most memorable girls from a legendary season.”