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13th Aug 2012

Marriage is for Keeps and Divorce is not an Option Says Lady Gaga

The singer said when she marries it will be forever as she doesn’t believe in divorce.

Lady Gaga said marriage is very important to her and when she ties the knot it will be forever.

The star said her parents and grandparents have taught her that it really is ‘til death do us part’ as she does not believe in divorce.

Lady Gaga and Taylor chill out in the pool

“My grandmother was married to my grandfather for 60 years. My parents have been married for over 30.

“I have seen my mother and father stick it out and there was a time when I was younger when I really thought they might get divorced. They were fighting all the time and they were both a mess, but they stuck it out and now they are more in love than ever. That’s what I want.

“Divorce is not an option. I’m going to get married and that’s it, he’s stuck with me. I want to find a man that feels the same,” she said.

Lady Gaga is inspired by her father and his long marriage

The singer is currently dating Taylor Kinney who played her love interest in the music video for You and I.

The star has been frequently sharing photographs of the two and most recently published a snap of the couple nude in the pool.

Lady Gaga shared this photo of Taylor earlier this summer

Despite briefly ending their relationship in May the couple have been spending a lot of time together as Lady Gaga embarks on the European leg of her tour.

The singer will take to the stage in Dublin’s Aviva Stadium next month.