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22nd Oct 2012

Man Candy: Every Monday We’ll be Giving a Shout Out to Our Current Crush

This week we're getting a bit flustered over the drool-worthy Michael Fassbender.

Ladies, we have a confession to make. Here at headquarters, we are addicted to the hotness that is Michael Fassbender.

What do we love about him? Well, first and foremost there’s his cheeky, sexy grin. The Fassbender is so full of roguish charm that he practically oozes craic. Just looking at him you know that he’s the kind of man who is always up for a laugh and a bit of divilment.

Secondly, he’s half Irish so technically he’s a bit of homegrown talent (eh…technically…) plus we absolutely love the half German/half Irish accent he has going on.

Finally, he has an incredible body. If you need any proof simply check him out in the controversial film Shame – although be warned, you will see ALL of him so maybe it’s best to leave a little bit to the imagination.

Other reasons why we love The Fassbender include his amazing acting skills, that sculpted jaw and the fact that he’s a bit scruffy (in the best way possible).

Yes, in the office we find it slightly hard to carry out mundane tasks if we catch a glimpse of The Fassbender. We actually turn into a giggling mess and at least one member of the team is likely to scream: “OH MY GOD. I LOVEEEEE HIM!” whenever someone brings his name up in conversation.