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02nd Aug 2012

Madonna Seductively Exposes Boob To Thousands At Concert

The Queen of Pop is causing yet more controversy, this time exposing herself to thousands at a Turkish concert.

The Queen of Pop has been causing controversy worldwide since the beginning of her MDNA tour.

Be it the big debate in Ireland as to whether she is too old for the music game, her pathetic 45-minute performance in Paris or, now, flashing her boob to the Turkish thousands.

She did indeed. We’re not denying her enviable rack, but we really aren’t sure about the 53-year-old feeling it necessary to flash her front in concert.

Thousands of fans and concert-goers filmed Madge as she seductively did away with a section of her bra during her MDNA world tour in Istanbul, Turkey.

The popstar dances with energy in a long, tight pants and a bra-shaped top before she slows down to a seductive dance, leaning back as she pulls down her underwear, exposing her boob.

Thsi isn’t the first time the Material Girl’s boobs would have been exposed. Who could forget the Gaultier conical bra or the pre-fame nude modelling shots which emerged in the early 80s? Or even the way Madge completely exposed her chest through some very classy lace in the ‘Vogue’ video?

But is she old to be exposing flesh now?

Madonna seems to revel in creating controversy. In May, she upset Lady Gaga by mixing her ‘Born This Way’ with Madge’s own single, ‘Express Yourself’. She also upset One Direction fans by admitting she did nto know who they were. “That’s a pop gorup right?” she asked the Daybreak show, “Sorry I haven’t seen them yet, no, sorry. Slap my hand.”

The controversial comments and boob-exposing has us thinking is Pop Queen Madonna desperate to stay in the limelight longer?