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02nd Aug 2012

Loves Tinie Tempah, Wanted to Be The Olympics Bond Girl..What Next Elizabeth?!

Not only is Queen Elizabeth a fan of Tinie Tempah, but the Olympics Ceremony scriptwriter has revealed she ASKED to be the ceremony's Bond girl...

Not only does the royal head enjoy listening to a bit of Tinie Tempah, but now it seems the famous lady asked herself if she could be a Bond girl for the recent Olympics opening ceremony.

The scriptwriter for director Danny Boyle’s show, Frank Cottrell-Boyce, has revealed that the Olympics opening ceremony team were “stunned” when the British Queen let it be known that she would take part in the show.

Loves Tinie Tempah and dreams of being a Bond girl..are we sure we have the right woman??

The Queen’s acting debut was pre-recorded at Buckingham Palace and shows the 86-year-old monarch with her faved corgis at her feet turn to James Bond star Daniel Craig and say “Good evening Mr Bond.”

The pair then began to walk down the palace corridor to where a helicopter awaited them outside. The video clip had people confused as to whether it really was the Queen or if it was just a stunt-double.

Needless to say, the duo who parachuted from the plane into the Olympic stadium were a stunt double.

“The idea was sitting on Danny’s desk,” Cottrell-Boyce said, “and when we eventually found nobody had ever used it, Danny contacted the palace. Our whole office was stunned when we got the reply saying the Queen not only gave permission for the idea to happen, but also wanted to be the Bond girl herself.

“The timing of the film showing her leaving the Palace with Daniel Craig as James Bond, the helicopter’s arrival over the stadium, ‘her’ parachute jump and appearance in the Royal Box was just perfect.

“There were people around me in the stadium who were actually asking each other if it really was the Queen jumping out of the helicopter.”

“It was thrilling to have been able to create a level of magic where people wanted to believe theur eyes when their minds told them it couldn’t be true.”

Well. Would you believe it? We are only dying to see what the royal head has up her sleeve next. Maybe she’ll reveal she’s a massive Fifty Shades fan…?!