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07th Jul 2023

Love Island’s Montana Brown explains why she refused labour induction

Love Island star Montana Brown has admitted she is against induction because doctors recommend it too often.

Sharing the controversial opinion on her Instagram stories, new mum Montana Brown said she went into natural labour in June.

She believes induction is offered to pregnant people “too willy-nilly”.

“I went into labour naturally, my waters broke at 6 am ish. Leading up to this I was having raspberry leaf tea every day and religiously bouncing on this peanut ball.

“I was due 28th June and he arrived 23rd so he came 39 weeks + 2 days. I am so against induction and I think they offer it to women too willy-nilly.

“If you’re healthy and have no complications getting induced just seems unnecessary intervention. Let your baby arrive when it’s meant to arrive and full term can be from 39 – 42 weeks just trust your body,” she wrote.

“I was told at 38 weeks to be booked in for induction day after my due date which I also declined.”

The reality star gave birth to a baby boy on June 23rd. She shared a photo of her beautiful boy and confirmed she is completely “smitten”. Her son Jude Isaiah was born on June 23rd.

The HSE has stressed that induction is used when babies need “a little help to be born”.

“When a procedure to induce (start) your labour is recommended, ask questions to make sure you’re comfortable with it. You should know what the risks and alternatives are,” the HSE said.

Induction comes with risks especially if contractions become too frequent. The HSE explained, “Too many contractions can harm your baby. You are entitled to information about this. Do not be afraid to ask for extra information.”

Induction is usually offered if your baby is overdue or if your waters have broken and labour hasn’t started. Your labour will also be induced if the health of you or your baby is at risk.