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22nd Jul 2022

Love Island fans concerned as key couple are nowhere to be seen in last night’s “boring” episode

What was going on?

With the final of the series less than two weeks away, Love Island fans were left completely confused during last night’s episode when one key couple seemed to have been missing.

Set to end on Monday, August 1st, fans were left scratching their heads when they realised they had barely seen Tasha and Andrew throughout the entire episode.

Barely getting any screen time, despite being involved in a lot of drama over the last few weeks, the newly official couple appeared only in group scenes as the episode aired.

Taking to the only place Love Island fans go to vent, Twitter users questioned why the two were nowhere to be seen.

One person said: “Ngl i missed Tasha and Andrew on today’s episode #LoveIsland.”

Another wrote: “So no Tasha and Andrew tonight? I kinda wanna see them lmao #loveisland.”

While a third penned: “Were Andrew and Tasha in tonight’s episode? #loveisland.”

A fourth added: “Where are Tasha and Andrew this episode it’s so boring that I miss them #loveisland.”

Others took to Twitter to beg producers to bring back challenges, most notably the Twitter challenge, as they were not happy that last night’s extra long episode had nothing exciting to give.

One said: “Love island I need drama none of this we need challenges and more drama.”

Another wrote: “This episode was dry, I hope that they’ll bring in the twitter challenge soon.”

A third penned: “Pretty boring episode tbh, being on the headline/twitter challenge.”

While a fourth added: “….i would’ve rather had 80mins of the Twitter challenge, than tonight’s bag of tripe #LoveIsland do better.”

What was going on, lads?