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19th Jun 2023

Love Island fans call out Medhi’s ‘red flags’ after Whitney criticism

It’s kicking off.

Love Island fans are calling out Medhi Edno for the second time since the show started following some “red flags” he was showing towards Whitney Adebayo.

Earlier last week during an episode of the hit ITV series, Medhi implied that Whitey had made Jess Harding cry following a conversation, despite not hearing any of it and warned her he would break things off if it happened again.

He told Whitney: “I don’t want my girl to be in any unnecessary drama. If this is what you are, I don’t want it.

“Next time you make someone cry, I’ll come to you directly.”

When Jess pulled him aside to explain what had gone on and Whitney was not to blame, fans had already raised their concerns of how Whitney was being treated by Medhi and those same concerns returned following last night’s episode.

During a shock daytime recoupling, Medhi chose to stick with Whitney but later took her for a chat, telling her he found it “disrespectful” that she allegedly laughed at him during his speech.

While she assured him it was “nervous laughter”, many fans of the show took to Twitter to share their take on the situation, with many saying Medhi was displaying “red flags”.

One person wrote: “MEDHI is PI**ING ME OFF every damn day! WHITNEY DESERVES BETTER hope she finds something better when Casa Amor comes!”

Another said: “Men like Medhi go for strong women like Whitney to then break them down to make them doubt themselves. Sorry, the signs are right there.”

A third said: “Medhi’s resentment is starting to show up even the way he looks at Whitney is very scary.”

While a fourth added: “me trying to find who medhi was talking to like that because surely it wasn’t whitney.”


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