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04th Jul 2023

Love Island fans call for age limit to be introduced to the show

Love Island viewers are calling for an age limit to be brought to the show after Amber Wise joined Casa Amor.

As usual, the islanders are split up as the girls head to a separate villa. They are introduced to six new boys as six new girls head to the main house.

Following the usual antics of Casa Amor, fans have become concerned about the age of one contestant.

For a few days, each villa gets to know the new islanders and once they are reunited, they choose if they want to stick in their original couple or recouple with somebody new.

While the most dramatic turn of events during Casa Amor was Molly Marsh’s return to the villa, the new bunch of islanders also saw Amber Wise join the show. She is former England footballer Dennis Wise’s 19 year old daughter.

As the youngest islander on the show, many have suggested that a minimum age requirement should be brought in.

One person wrote on Twitter: “AMBER IS 19??? Oh hell nah.”

Another said: “19?!!! Send Amber back to school.”

A third wrote: “Amber is even a student, who turned 19 in January! Please send her home immediately.”

A fourth said: “Sorry did amber say she’s 19? They need to stop this.”

A similar conversation took place on Twitter last summer when Love Island began as Michael Owen’s daughter Gemma entered the villa.

Like Amber, she was also 19 when appearing on the show and many questioned if she was too young to be there.

One person wrote: “I’m sorry but 20 years-olds should not be on this show. Gemma being 19 during her season was ridiculous. Basically uni students. Kids! What love are you desperately looking for at that small age pls?”

Another said: “19????? literally a baby… have they not learned since gemma? leave the teenagers alone itv.”

While a third penned: “there’s a 19 year old in there???? Bro I feel like this show should be 21+ bc last year w gemma and davide…. It’s unsettling.”