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03rd Aug 2022

Love Island contestants admit they stole some iconic things from the villa

Ellen Fitzpatrick

We’d do it too.

As the islanders land back in the UK after a summer of romance, they’ve been gradually appearing on social media as they’ve gotten their phones back.

Heading to their Instagram stories and even live streams, this year’s finalists are spilling some tea the producers won’t be happy with.

The Islanders have admitted that they’ve secretly stolen some of the iconic decors from the villa and brought them back home with them.

Speaking about moving in together, Andrew and Tasha revealed they would love some element of Love Island to make an appearance in their home, and that’s when Andrew made the revelation.

Tasha told OK! Magazine: “I definitely want a neon sign that says ‘Good Vibes’.

“I even want a Love Island tattoo on my finger, to represent how I met Andrew. We’ve said we want the decor to be modern vibes.”

When Andrew added: “We’ve taken the plaque of our names from our beds so we might add that somewhere.”

In other Love Island news, ITV has revealed exactly how the public voted in the Love Island final, and it turns out Ekin-Su and Davide won by a landslide.

The couple were announced as winners on Monday night, and they basked in a massive 63.69% of the public vote. Runners up Gemma and Luca received 14.47% of votes. The third-place couple, Dami and Indiyah took 11.77% of votes, narrowly beating fourth-placers Tasha and Andrew, who received 10.07%.

After being crowned the winners of the £50,000 grand prize, Ekin-Su and Davide said that they couldn’t quite believe that they won in a short video shared on Instagram.

“Thank you everyone for voting for us and thank you for making us who we are,” Davide said. “I didn’t expect it – I still don’t believe it.”

Ekin-Su, meanwhile, said: “I think everyone’s winners in here, and I just feel really lucky to be here.”