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25th May 2022

Love Island axes “disgusting” food challenges for 2022 series

Thank God.

Love Island bosses are officially banning all messy food challenges that have been a staple on the show since season one.

Each year we see a slightly disturbing and totally disgusting food challenge which is always guaranteed a mixed reaction.

Viewers have to witness the contestants spitting food and drink into each other’s mouths in order to win usually nothing, but this year will thankfully be different.

One Reddit user begged producers to “stop making people spit food into each other’s mouths” and it seems their wishes will come true.

Executive producer Mike Spencer replied: “We are stepping away from the food challenges as we know them.”

He also hinted at the Casa Amor postcard we saw last season won’t be featured this year.

“We have published our duty of care protocols very publicly and we have an incredible welfare team on the series,” he added.

“I agree we have to be incredibly considered when making editorial decisions. We are also making a dating entertainment series but humour is normally at the heart of most storylines.

“I think we are considered and it always becomes tricky with the passing of information but we aim to find balance in the show.”

Love Island returns to our screens for the eighth season on June 6th at 9pm on Virgin Media One.