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07th Apr 2016

Louis Tomlinson’s Baby ISN’T Real And Here’s The Proof

Ciara Knight

People are losing the run of themselves.

Some internet conspiracy theorists have turned their efforts towards exposing the alleged nonexistence of Louis Tomlinson’s new baby.

Having taken matters into my own hands, I’ve looked closely at the photographs of Louis and his baby and I’m disappointed to report that the rumours are true and the baby is fake.


As you can see in the above photograph, the lighting is completely off. Larry has probably Googled ‘baby’ and taken the first search result. In fairness, he’s added a black and white filter, but ultimately, his Photoshopping skills are garbage. I would not be surprised if that isn’t even a real baby at all.

If you look closer, the baby’s wrist is completely out of place and appears to be tied together like a sausage. WHAT THE HECK?

Look at the hands, anything seem strange to you? THAT THUMB IS THE SIZE OF A BUTTERNUT SQUASH. Nice try Liam.


Another seemingly adorable photograph of a father with his newborn son. FALSE.

If you look closely, you’ll see that this is a completely different baby! Does Lewis think we’re idiots? He is scum.

I’m not an expert on children, but I don’t think a baby can change both colour and race in the space of a few weeks.

Also, that baby has teeth already? And glasses? Babies can’t do eye tests, Lance.