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23rd Aug 2012

Lopez Gives Some ‘American Idol’ Advice To New Judge Mariah Carey

Popstar Lopez is ensuring the new 'American Idol' judge is equipped with the right advice...

From one popstar to another, invaluable advice is being shared.

Jennifer Lopez has advised Mariah Carey to “speak from the heart” on ‘American Idol’.

The singer and big screen actress recently departed the talent contest after being part of the judging panel for two seasons. She thinks her successor, Carey, needs to be as honest as possible with the hopefuls on the shows.

She said; “So long as she’s honest and speaks from the heart and just is herself, I think she’ll be fine.

“I always kind of just spoke right from the heart, and how I would want someone to speak to me if I was in that position. It’s just about being relaxed and being honest, and being yourself.

“If you try and think too much about what people might think or what you’re saying too much, I think you get lost.”

Honesty is being labelled as the best policy on the reality talent shows, as Australian ‘X-Factor’ judge Irishman Ronan Keating commended Mel B’S bitchy nature on the UK version of the show last weekend.

Meanwhile, Phillip Phillips, who won the last series of ‘American Idol’, hope the new judging panel will be more “critical” as he felt he was given an easy ride by Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson.

He said; “I would say I hope they’re a little more critical. Because there were some times when I performed, especially on ‘Time of the Season,’ man, my ears went out, but that’s live television, I can’t just stop the song, so I just pushed through it as best as I could and then they gave me good feedback and I was like ‘Come on guys, it was horrifying.’

“So, I’d like for there to be a little more criticism on the show.”

Nicki Minaj is rumoured to be part of the upcoming season’s judging panel.