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15th Aug 2012

Little Mix Talk Weight Issues, Boyfriends and One D Zayn’s Romantic Tattoo

The X-Factor-winning band open up as they pose for a glamorous photo-shoot.

The X-Factor-winning band were best friends from the start, and supported band member Jesy Nelson during her appalling abuse over her weight from cyber bullies during the competition.

The Little Mix star was visibly upset on the television show but kept a smile on her face and the band went on to win the reality television talent competition. Now, Jesy has come out to say she is comfortable in her shape and won’t be losing her curves anytime soon, particularly if her boyfriend has anything to do with it.

The 21-year-old has explained to Look magazine how her dancer boyfriend Jordan Banjo loves her figure.

She said; “The other girls have amazing flat bellies, but my boyfriend Jordan likes curvy girls. If I start to lose weight he says ‘Don’t get skinny!”

The young singer spoke about her new love, saying he’s like her best friend and takes her as she is.

“He’s a boy version of me! We’ve known each other since I was 10-I used to dance with Diversity before they were called that. He’s my first love.”

Jesy admits the abuse she received through online social networks during her time on the X-Factor was tough.

“I just wanted to hide. I had alopecia when I was 13, brought on by stress from bullying and that’s why I love my big hair now. But I didn’t expect to be bullied as an adult. It ran me down, but I’m more confident about my body now.”

Jesy is proud of her curves and says she won’t be losing weight anytime soon.

Jesy showed off her shape in a glamorous photo-shoot with her Little Mix bandmates.

And she wasn’t the only one gushing about her boyfriend… Perrie Edwards also chatted about her man, One Direction’s Zayn Malik.

She said the pop couple are “really happy and everything is amazing.”

“As long as we can talk as much as possible, we cope fine with being apart. The girls always say he’s so good to me. I like to be treated like a princess and I love thoughtful gifts. When I was on holiday I got him a painting and filmed the artist making it. He loved it.”

The pair availed of the rare occasion they would be together and met each other’s parents.

“It’s really important to me that he gets on with them all, but it’s my brother Jonnie, he’s 23, who Zayn had to get past, and he passed the test!”

Perrie’s One Direction boyfriend got the rumour mill churning this week as he added a fifth tattoo to his body, the word ‘Zap’ on his forearm.

Perrie is dating One Direction’s Zayn Malik.

Heat magazine confirmed with the tattoo artist the word did not stand for what everyone thought it stood for, ‘Zayn And Perrie’.

Rosie Whittaker at London’s Haunted Tattoos said the singer claimed it was an ‘in-joke’ within the band, but had nothing to do with his girlfriend.

Zayn also has a microphone tattooed on his forearm, his grandfather’s name on the side of his chest, a symbol meaning ‘lucky’ on his hip and a yin and yang symbol on his left wrist.

Phew! Are we sure it doesn’t have something to do with Perrie…?!