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08th Oct 2012

Liam Neeson Completely Taken With Being a Father

The man from Ballymena may well play a tough cookie in his films but deep down he's a big softie.

Rebecca McKnight

It’s his family that are taken on the big screen but in reality, Liam Neeson says he is the one who is a hostage.

The actor, who has played everything from a Jedi Knight to a member of the A-Team, says that being a dad is his most challenging role.

Speaking about being a father to two teenage sons, he said: “It’s an ongoing joy being a dad. It’s always a joy but it’s a joyful worry.”

Liam has two sons from his marriage to his late wife Natasha Richardson.

He added: “No matter what age they are, they’re still going to be your little boy or your little girl. And you are a hostage to love.” Aww, who knew he was so sentimental?

The Taken 2 star also expressed his relief that neither of the boys are looking to take over the reins from their old man in the world of acting.

The boys don’t seem to keen to sign autographs like their dad.

“Thankfully, they’re not showing much interest in going down that road… I think if you’re the son or daughter of successful actors and actresses it’s a double pressure,” he explained to reporters. Shame, we reckon we would have liked to see a younger Neeson in action.

Even so, Liam says that he still loves what he does: “I get a chance to do something I love and they pay me lots of money for it.” Sensitive and honest: that’s what we like to see in a man!


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