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20th Aug 2012

Len Wiseman Might Direct the Movies but Kate Beckinsale Directs Their Personal Life

The actress said she rules the roost when it comes to their home life and relationship.

Kate Beckinsale is the boss when it comes to ruling the roost and she insists that she directs her family’s home life.

The actress worked with her husband when she starred in his film Total Recall and finds it very strange to take instruction from him.

Kate said she has to remind him to do his chores in order to keep on top of their lives.

According to The Sun the actress said: “It’s quite strange being directed by him, actually, because normally he’s taking direction from me at home.

“He never knows where anything is and he can’t remember if he likes parsnips and things like that. I’m usually in charge of going, ‘No, you don’t like parsnips.

“You said they taste like perfume’. He gets fooled because they look like potatoes.”

“Anyway, that’s our life. So it is a slight gear change.”

The actress recently had to film kissing scenes with her costar Colin Farrell while her husband directed them, which was a surreal experience.

The actress was required to film kissing scenes with Colin Farrell for Total Recall

She is thankful that Len is not the jealous type.

“It’s nice that Len is not very jealous and can be relaxed about me doing these scenes, but he would never be allowed to do that,” she insisted.