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15th Dec 2017

Lauren Conrad has a new dramatic hair cut and we love it


Long gone are the long Laguna Beach waves.

Now, Lauren Conrad has posted a picture of her brand new hair and we got to admit, we are all for it!

Leaving NYC with a little less hair than I arrived with ??‍♀️

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Proving that once you go short you never go back, the star who decided to cut her tresses in November is now sporting a shorter do that ever before.

Often labelled as the ‘mom cut’, Lauren is the proud mom-of-one, giving birth in July, she welcomed a baby boy called Liam James alongside husband William Tell.

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And as she packs her bags and gets ready to move back to her hometown of Orange County, where her parents live, it’s a far cry from her days of crying over Stephen and fighting with Kirsten.

Now, she is retuning to her hometown with her new little family and will continue focusing on her blog and other commitments such as her collection of rings titled LC Lauren Conrad Collection.