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08th Jul 2022

Laura Whitmore says she gets “starstruck” by Ekin-Su

Sarah McKenna Barry

Honestly, same.

Throughout her career, Laura Whitmore has mingled with some pretty elite celebrities, so when we heard she was recently starstruck, we found it a little hard to believe.

So who was it that made Laura fangirl hard? Kim Kardashian? David Attenborough? The Queen? No. It was actually none other than Turkish bombshell Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu.

In a radio interview with Capital FM, the Love Island host spoke about what it feels like to be in the presence of true greatness.

“I got starstruck when she walked in,” Laura said. “Because she wasn’t part of the original lineup. So I did the coupling up, there’s a lot of new people in there. And she’s very good.”

She continued: “I was kind of watching her in my peripheral. So I’d be talking to, I think it was Molly. So when Molly said about being in the bed with Davide. And I was just like!

“And Ekin-Su, I can see it, was just like she grabbed his hand, and like threw it away, I’m like, ‘Yes Ekin-Su!'”

Laura also spoke admirably about Ekin-Su’s “hypocrisy” in being upset with Davide for admitting to kissing other girls, despite some under-the-cover action with George during Casa Amor.

As for who Laura thinks is going to win, she suspects that Luca and Gemma will do well, but they won’t win the whole thing.

“At the moment the strongest couple seem to be Gemma and Luca. But I don’t think they’ll win. I think they’ll be in the final. I think that some of the couples that aren’t together now might get back together.”

When pushed for an answer, however, Laura put her money on Davide and Ekin-Su for the win.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and on the Virgin Media Player.