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26th Mar 2021

Laura Whitmore replies to “disgusting” Instagram DM, urges people to “think before they send”

“A little reminder that you are responsible for what you put out in the world.”

TV presenter Laura Whitmore has shared screenshots of the “disgusting” messages she receives on social media.

The star also shared her response to one DM, and urged social media users to be more thoughtful online.

Laura shared a screenshot of a message from an Instagram user who asked if she’d ever “acknowledge the hurt and pain” she causes with her “perfect’ posts”.

They wrote: “I don’t follow you but sadly they come up on my explore page. Your perfect demonstration of life has cost other people’s lives, quite literally. Perhaps something to be aware of with your future posts.”

Laura reported the account and posted the screenshot on her Instagram story. She wrote: “Instagram is not real life and you cannot blame other people for your feelings. But sending messages like this is dangerous. Take responsibility for yourself.”

She added: “No one knows what people are fighting privately. I choose to use social platforms for work and positivity.”

Additionally, Laura shared her response to the person in a follow-up story.

In a lengthy message, she advised them to “mute accounts” if they are triggering.

She added that they need to take responsibility for their own feelings.

“You have directly messaged a disgusting message to a pregnant woman blaming her for how you feel and saying how I live my life (as positively as possible, being a good daughter, friend, working hard, trying to put optimism out in the world) makes people want to kill themselves? Knowing that I have lost people that way.”

She continued: “How vile. I have reported your account as this message shouldn’t be allowed and is very dangerous. And I take it very serious. You need to take a hard look at yourself.”

In response, the user issued an apology, and said they were “ashamed” of themselves. They then wished Laura “all the best”.

In another story, Laura wrote: “A little reminder that you are responsible for what you put out in the world. Make it good.”