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16th Aug 2012

Kim Posts Photos As Herself And Kanye Enjoy A Hawaiian Break

The reality star makes sure she's never too far away from a camera, or the Twitter machine...

The incessant Twitter photo-uploader has struck again, as this time Kim Kardashian shows off her curves again on the micro-blogging website.

The star uploaded two old photos of herself posing and smiling for the camera in a vintage-style bikini. Kim is currently on holidays with her boyfriend Kanye in the Hawaiian state as she spends some quality time in the holiday state.

The star confused Twitter users and uploaded the old photos during her break. The photos were actually taken for People magazine last year.

The high-waisted bikini bottoms highlight the star’s rear assets while the halter neck shows off her curves. She finished the look with a flower in her hair and a small smile.

Kim poses for the camera in her vintage-style bikini.

The Twitter-user posted the photos on the micro-blogging website with the captions, ‘Me Ke Aloha’ underneath the pictures, which translates as ‘With Love’.

As Kim relaxed by the pool in Hawaii, her estranged husband Kris Humphries was bizarrely attempting to compel her new boyfriend Kanye to appear in court as part of their divorce battle.

The pair’s lawyers are currently fighting in court as Kris refuses to believe his marriage to Kim was anything more than a fraud to benefit her reality television show.

The singer posts the photos up, captioned; ‘With Love’…

But it seems her marriage troubles couldn’t have been further from Kim’s mind, as she enjoyed her romantic break with Kanye.

Kim and her new man have spent the few days spinning around in their Ferrari and visiting various beaches and hotspots.