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30th Dec 2022

Kim Kardashian reveals the strict rules North has to follow on her TikTok

“We don’t do comments.”

Kim Kardashian has revealed the strict rules her daughter North needs to follow when it comes to using her TikTok account.

Fans have been loving Kim and North’s joint TikTok page as they regularly post funny and quirky videos together as the nine year old posts things any typical nine year old would.

The account is controlled by Kim, and on a recent episode of Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP podcast, she admitted that it can be hard to manage her kids on the app.

The reality star said that she takes serious precautions when it comes to North’s presence on the app and her use of it, saying she believes she is doing what’s best for her daughter.

Kim commented: “I think every family is different, even within my family. How Kourtney operates, how Khloé operates, how Kylie — we always say every family is different.


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“With social media, it is hard because all the cousins, all my nieces and nephews, they’re all best friends with my kids. They’re all the same ages.

“So if [North’s cousin] Penelope has a TikTok, North wants a TikTok, and all the girls at school have a TikTok.”

As a way of keeping track of her daughter’s usage on TikTok, Kim only allows North to use the app on her own phone and has the comments turned off to prevent North from being exposed to abuse.

“It’s not something where she can scroll and look at things. We don’t do comments,” Kim explained, adding that North “loves” to make videos and the app “makes her so happy”.

“She’s so innocent in so many ways,” Kim said.

She continued: “I found a groove with her TikTok. As long as it’s me and her together and I’m there. That works for now. But it’s a crazy world, I don’t deny that.”