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03rd Aug 2012

Kim Kardashian Keeps Fans Up-To-Date With Bikini Twit Pics

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star keeps her fans up to date with her fitness and exercise regime with new bikini pictures.

She has one of the most-wanted bodies in the world and she is determined to let people know it is all ‘au naturel’.

Kim Kardashian’s fans will be delighted to know that the 31-year-old ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star keeps it clean when it comes to staying in shape.

The American reality show personality revealed her diet secrets as she shared a photograph of herself on her Twitter page. The sex symbol showed off her toned curves in a sexy two-piece bikini on the social networking site.

Kim Kardashian tweets a photo of her body, stressing that all of it is ‘au naturel’.

Kim said in a recent interview that she used to eat a “ton of junk food” but that there are plenty of fast food places that offer healthy options now.

“There’s no excuse for eating badly all the time,” she said.

“Although, when I go out for dinner, I eat what I want. You can’t spend your life worruing about calories.”

Kim shared another photo of herself in the same bikini, writing underneath, “#nofilter #nophotoshop.”

Kim’s second photo on the micro-blogging website: ‘#nofilter #nophotoshop’

Kim has been keeping her fans up-to-date with her exercise regime on Twitter. She told the 15 million followers she was keen to tone up, tweeting, “Back on my workout grind!”

Kim has been subjected to abuse by her followers on Twitter as they made negative comments about the star’s weight online. Her sister Khloe came forward after the comments about the size of Kim’s derriere were taken a step too far.

Kim K regularly tweets photos of herself on the social networking site.

Khloe wrote on Twitter; “Still get disgusted by how people judge others by weight. Either ‘fat’ ot ‘skinny’. Nothing is ever good enough…” “Throwing stones behind a screen. If you must judge a person. Try judging their soul. My walls are getting higher and higher.” Kim’s sister completed the triade of tweets saying that nobody can love anyone else until they know how to love themselves first.

“The good, bad, ugle, beautiful…” she wrote.

“Love yourself deeply. The rest is easy.”