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09th Jul 2012

Kim Kardashian Goes ‘Over the Top’ with Present for Blue Ivy

The 'friendship' between Kim Kardashian and  Beyoncé just keeps twisting and turning. Find out what the reality television star has done now.

So we admit the photographs of them at the BET Awards were a tad awkward but we really thought that Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé were finally building some sort of friendship.

That is until it came out that by trying to forge a close relationship, not only with Beyoncé but her daughter, Kim has created an even bigger rift.

Just when we thought they were getting on, if not for themselves but for their beaus who are best friends, this happens!

According to various online reports the reality television star bought Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy a very expensive bracelet. Not only that but it was engraved ‘Love Auntie Kim.’

The gift is now being seen as an attempt by Kim to feign an intimacy with the Crazy in Love singer who is said to have found the present ‘over the top.’

If these rumours are true it goes to show you can’t buy love… or friendship!