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01st Jul 2012

Kim and Kanye Laser the Day Away in Santa Monica

The couple who lasers together, stays together. Or so Kim Kardashian seems to think. This has to be the strangest date ever!


What could be more sexy than getting your mustache lasered off while your boyfriend watches? Kim Kardashian sure didn’t seem to mind last Friday when she and her new beau Kanye West visited a LaserAway centre in Santa Monica.


The E! Network star recently confessed to Oprah that she gets laser treatment on every part of her body to battle against her ‘hairy’ Armenian genes but we can’t imagine why this is suddenly an acceptable date activity?


We’d rather die than take our boyfriend along with us to get a bikini wax or worse as we zapped off a beard. Do men even really need to know we do these things? Surely hair removal should always be a personal chore and not one that you need to bring to the forefront of your relationship.


We can’t help but picture this weird his and hers laser session. Maybe Kim likes a smooth Kanye? Whatever about this odd date, these two have been in each other’s pockets for the last few months and oddly enough we think they make a good couple. What do you guys think? 


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