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30th Mar 2018

The kid from The Sixth Sense has a beard now and it will probably mess you up

We salute your ability to age, sir!

Oli Dugmore

Good morning, we now go live to the most important news story of the weekend


Time, it’s mad. A roaring tumult, sweeping us all through the valley of life one spine-damaging collision at a time. Bumping and scraping through the human experience often gets a bit more than dirt under the fingernails. We scar. We also grow, from children into adults. And we change our physical appearance with hair dye and silicone and the bench press.

But you won’t believe what the kid from The Sixth Sense looks like now.

Look at him. Look at his appearance. Fascinating. It’s fascinating, isn’t it, how this man who you haven’t seen since 1999 doesn’t look the same as he did as a literal infant.

Look, look some more in reverse chronological order.

(Credit: Frederick M. Brown)

Mad. Haley Joel Osment we salute you and your ability to age.