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30th Sep 2021

Kerry Katona reveals she has been diagnosed with arthritis after years of “pain and agony”

Katy Brennan

The star was relieved to have finally found the reason for her pain.

Kerry Katona has revealed that she’s been diagnosed with arthritis after 13 years of suffering from chronic pain.

The Atomic Kitten singer shared her diagnosis on Instagram Live, where she told followers she had also been diagnosed with a protruding disc in her back and needed to have surgery.

“For those of you who know all about the pain and agony I’ve been in for years with my back and shoulders I’m so excited to of actually been diagnosed with arthritis in my shoulders and a protruding disc in my back which can be operated on!!” she wrote.

“I know I must sound like a weirdo but to have been in pain for all these years without a diagnosis has been horrendous and I am over the moon.”

She then thanked her doctor, adding “you have no idea how much this has changed my life.”

Kerry said the agonising pain started 13 years ago following the birth of her son Maxwell. She explained that she had been using the “strongest painkillers” for eight years to treat the chronic condition, but was frustrated as no one could explain the source of it.

“I’ve been to the doctors, I’ve had cortisol injections, I’ve had everything going but they’ve never been able to tell me what it is that was wrong with my back,” she said.

The 41-year-old was grateful to have finally found out what was causing the pain. She told followers she was “so happy” about the possibility of surgery and is now looking forward to a pain-free future.