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09th Jul 2012

Kerry Katona Hates Her Body Despite Tummy Tuck In May

Katona said she has vast insecurities about her body.

Kerry Katona has revealed that she is sick of her body despite paying thousands for a tummy tuck in May.

The former Atomic Kitten said she battles with insecurities every day.

Katona decided to have the procedure because she was unhappy with her body after giving birth to four children.

“My stomach skin used to hang down. 

“I’ve had four children, which means there was loads of loose skin because my stomach had stretched so much. No matter how many sit-ups I did it wouldn’t go,” she said.

Kerry has recently broken up with boyfriend of nine months Steve Alce because she felt responsible for him.

“I’m tired of looking after other people. I’ve got so much to deal with – money issues, solicitors, tax. I couldn’t carry him as well. The sad thing is he’s madly in love with me.”