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24th Jul 2023

Kerry Katona opens up about cancer scare as life ‘flashed before her eyes’

Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona has opened up on a recent health scare and said life “flashed before my eyes.”

The 42-year-old shared that she discovered a lump under her armpit after taking a shower and feared the worst.

The Atomic Kitten star said that the lump was found around the same time Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding was diagnosed with cancer.

Thankfully, Kerry’s lump wasn’t cancer, but she admitted that the scare “put the fear of God into me”.

She has now said she is going on a health kick in the aftermath of this incident, and after being diagnosed with scoliosis – which is the curvature of the spine and leaves a person in a lot of pain.

Speaking about the experience, she told OK! magazine: “I once found a lump underneath my armpit in the shower.

“It was around a similar time that Sarah Harding was diagnosed, which put the fear of God in me.

“My life flashed before my eyes and that’s when my health anxiety really kicked on. I had the realisation that we’re not all immortal and that your health is not always something you can control.”

Kerry is now focusing on losing weight and getting healthier to ensure she is working on being her best self.

Speaking about her recent diagnosis in her column for New! Magazine, Kerry wrote: “I had to make the decision to postpone my tour, which was so difficult. I hate saying no to work and letting people down. I was really battling with myself and getting emotional about it because I was so excited to see you all there.

“But ultimately, the doctor told me I needed complete rest and had to put my health first.”

She went on to add that she will be taking time to ensure she is now mentally and physically ready to go back to the stage.