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02nd Feb 2019

Everyone thinks Kensington Palace got hacked after sharing these strange tweets

Olivia Hayes

This is bizarre.

If you take a look at the royal social media pages, it’s mainly filled with pictures of various members carrying out royal duties, going to mass, saying speeches and writing on bananas.

The only time they don’t live tweet is when they make an official announcement of when one of them will be travelling somewhere to do…. well, whatever they do.

So, when Kensington Palace followers saw these tweets on Wednesday night, it’s safe to say they were utterly perplexed, and thought the Twitter account got hacked.

Some of the tweets included stuff about fungi, and others were about a cistern in a toilet.

Just look:

However, turns out they weren’t hacked and these questions were first asked to women when they were *first* allowed enter enducation 150 years ago. All the questions had been featured in a “special examination” that nine pioneering women of the time underwent at the University of London in 1869.

You learn something new everyday, huh?