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07th Aug 2012

Keith Duffy Will Leave Ireland to Pursue His Acting Career

The Boyzone star and his family might up sticks and leave Ireland for the sake of his career.

Keith Duffy said he might permanently leave Ireland in order to pursue his acting career.

The Boyzone star and his family are considering a move to London, according to The Irish Sun.

Keith Duffy played Irish bad boy Kieran in Cornonation Street

Keith, who played Kieran in ITV soap Coronation Street said he wants to move to a place where he has opportunities to progress as an actor.

“I am tempted to move somewhere where I can work and go home every night to my own bed rather than having to go home to an empty flat and fly home every weekend.

“I am just back from London and was staying with friends in Richmond, just outside London, and it’s a really nice place to live and we have a lot of friends there,” he said.

Keith Duffy with his Boyzone band members

However the actor said it is an important decision for his family and particularly his daughter Mia, who is autistic.

“We’ll see what happens, but this is a big year for my daughter Mia; she’s starting secondary school in Dublin so it wouldn’t be fair to move her now.

“We’ll have another year anyway in Ireland and we’ll see.

“But my home will always be Dublin,” he said.

Keith said he is more comfortable with acting than he was in a band.

“In Boyzone, I always felt like someone in the band did something better than me, somebody sang better than me, someone danced better than me.

“But when I’m acting I feel it’s just me and I’m on a level playing field.”