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28th Jul 2012

Katy Perry Gives Robert Pattinson a Shoulder to Cry on…

There's a lot of ladies out there who would give anything to comfort Robert Pattinson in his time of need...unfortunately Katy Perry has gotten there first. Drat.

We’re pretty sure there’s a lot of ladies out there who would be more than willing to offer Robert Pattinson a shoulder to cry on. Unfortunately for all of them, Katy Perry has gotten there first. Yes, really.

The Irish Daily Star reports today that the heartbroken actor is currently being offered support by Katy Perry (of all people).

Is it just us or the entire “K-stew cheating scandal” story getting slightly weirder and weirder every single day? Who is going to get involved next? Taylor Lautner? Courtney Love? Who knows at this stage!

Anyway, Katy has apparently been texting Rob non-stop and offering her condolences to the actor since his split from Kristen Stewart. Katy has also been giving the Twilight star some comforting words too, because she’s nice like that.

Why is Katy being so generous with her time/words? Well aside from the fact that Rob is a certified hottie, he was there for Katy when her marriage to Russell Brand broke down last year. (Yes, we’re aware it’s a very random connection…)

Everyone’s favourite Vampire: Robbert Pattinson.

“Katy has been a rock for Rob. She has reassured him she is very much there for him just as he was for her when she split from Russell,” said an insider.

Earlier this week, Kristen Stewart, Rob’s girlfriend for the past three years, shocked everyone (including poor Rob) by admitting that she had cheated on her Twilight co-star with a married man – Rupert Sanders, the director of K-Stew’s latest movie Snow White and the Huntsman.

Let’s just say that the fall-out from K-Stew coming clean has been immense and everyone is still a bit shocked/confused over the entire thing. Seriously like, cheating on Robert Pattinson?! The girl must be crazy…

According to reports, Rob has told Kristen that he needs at least two months in order to decide whether or not he wants to take her back.

“He’s angry, hurt and upset and is sick of people taking sides already,” said an insider.

“He’s hoping to get two months to himself without Kristen around just to think things through. She has sent him messages asking him to hook up for crisis talks next week but he wants to be alone,” the insider added.

What do you think ladies? Will the Twilight lovebirds work things out?