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26th Jul 2012

Katy Perry Does Not Eat Junk Food On Tour

The Teenage Dream singer sticks to a healthy regime to accommodate her grueling work hours.

Katy Perry eats healthy during her tour in order to fend off sickness and provide energy for her performances.

The 27 year old, who split with husband Russell Brand earlier this year, makes sure that her diet is balanced and healthy.

Katy and Russell Brand pictured in 2011

The Teenage Dream singer “Eating healthy is so important because I can’t afford to get sick. When I was on the road, it was very important to eat a balanced a meal to make sure my energy was up for every two hour show.

“When I was on the road, I liked to have a light soup, a piece of grilled chicken, and some quinoa with grilled asparagus for dinner. I always need my daily vitamins. I love fresh-pressed juices. I also love snacks, but pick healthier options like veggies and hummus”.

The singer said she feels pressure to keep thin.

“I feel the best about my body once I get into a routine of waking up early, starting my day with a workout, meditating and getting fresh air.

“I don’t usually like to get my workouts by going to a traditional gym. I love being outdoors, and prefer to go on hikes or ride my bike,” she said.