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28th Jul 2012

Katherine Jackson to Fight for Custody of Michael Jackson’s Children…

Kidnappings? Fake wills? Custody battles? Incidents involving battery? We wonder how long it will be until Michael Jackson's family are given a reality TV show...


It’s been a strange week in the Jackson household – missing grandmothers, fake wills and incidents involving battery. Insane, right?

Earlier in the week we told you that the executors of Michael Jackson’s will have stated that they believe Michael’s children, Paris, Blanket and Prince, are in danger at the family mansion and they are seeking custody in order to protect them.

Now, however, it seems as though Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, has recovered from her “illness” and her “kidnapping” and is ready to head to court in a bid to regain custody of the three Jackson children.

The Irish Daily Mirror reports that Katherine Jackson has said she “will do whatever it takes” to convince an L.A. judge that she is a “fit and proper” guardian for Michael’s children.

“My immediate move is to put her back in the role she wants to be in and that Michael would want her in,” said her lawyer Perry Sanders, speaking yesterday.

The custody of the Jackson children was automatically transferred to TJ Jackson (Katherine’s grandson) after Katherine mysterious disappeared for 10 days. We all remember Paris’ panicked tweets, don’t we?

The grandmother has denied that she had been essentially kidnapped by the Jackson clan and has insisted that she was simply “resting” in Arizona.

According to reports, Katherine is planning on going to court as early as Monday morning in order to try and regain custody of the children.

However, lawyers say that she may not get the children back mainly because of her strange behaviour in a recent press conference, when she slurred her words and acted erratically, leading a lot of people to believe that she had been drugged.

Wow. We don’t even have the words for this one. We wonder what on earth will happen next…