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06th Aug 2012

Kardashians Spend A Day At The Pool and, You Guessed It, Twit-Pic-d It All

The Kardashian sisters spend their Sunday lounging around the pool and are sure to share the photos with their Twitter followers.

The Kardashian sisters spent their Sunday lazing and lounging around the pool and, you guessed it, kept us all up-to-date tweeting photos of their day.

Older sister Kim seems to be teaching Kylie how to do it as the younger Kardashian model tweeted pictures of herself and her sisters at the pool too.

Kim relished her time with her siblings over the weekend, but couldn’t help asking them to take some sexy bikini pics of herself too.

Kim gets her sisters to take a photo of her posing in the family pool.

And, eh-hem, another photo of Kim swimming…

The Kardashian sisters doing their Michael Phelps impression…

Kim drinking her Orange Crush somewhat seductively.

Kylie copies her older sister and tweets her own photo, showing off her unusual bikini choice.

Kylie tweets a photo og her sunglasses and hot bikini choice.

Another Kardashian family album posted in a weekend…wondering what this week will bring?