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17th Jul 2012

Justin Bieber Loves His Mammy! Are We Sure He’s Not Irish?

The Boyfriend superstar loves nothing more than spending time with his best friend… his mom!

Boyfriend superstar Justin Bieber thinks his young mom is the bee’s knees and has said she is one of his best friends.

The teen heartthrob said that he was a surprise for his mother who fell pregnant at just eighteen and the age gap has allowed them to build a different kind of relationship.

“She’s amazing… I was definitely an accident, it’s great my mom is super young, she’s a friend and a mom, she’s always been really strict, she’s still keeps me in line,” Biebz told American radio station 2Day FM.

The eighteen year old also revealed his fear of public speaking. Although Beiber has no qualms when performing in front of sold out arenas, he finds speaking to massive crowds terrifying.

“I love performing, doing tours and having a new crowd every night that’s something I’ve always loved… It’s weird I can perform for a lot of people but as you can probably see in my acceptance speeches, I kind of freeze up and I don’t really know how to speak in front of a lot of people.”

Justin is currently dating Disney Channel star Selena Gomez.

Justin performing at a recent concert in Japan