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11th Jul 2024

JLO and Ben Affleck’s kids are trying to get them back together

Kat O'Connor

JLO and Ben Affleck ended their marriage earlier this year

JLO and Ben Affleck reportedly ended their marriage months ago but their children are allegedly trying to get them back together.

The couple’s relationship has been rocked by break-up rumours for months, but insiders recently confirmed that the pair went their separate ways earlier than fans believed.

Page Six confirmed that Affleck was the one to end their relationship.

A source told Page Six that things have been over for some time, but the couple still care about one another.

They are currently “living separate lives” but Affleck is still “very protective of Jennifer”, the insider said.

Affleck was reportedly the one to call it quits after two years of marriage.

He reportedly ended their relationship in March and moved out of their marital home.

However, their children are hopeful their parents will get back together.

Ben and Jennifer don’t have children together, but their kids from their previous marriages are eager to reunite the couple.

They hope they can “work it out for better or for worse”.

An insider told “The kids think Jennifer and Ben are really, deeply in love, like soul mates and they don’t want them to divorce.”

“They want them to work it out for better or for worse, like their vows said. And they do feel that the two should continue counseling and talking it out, even if it is painful,” the insider said.

They continued, “They feel like if they do and say the right things that there could be more peace.”

Ben is a dad to three children he shares them with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

JLO is a mum to 16-year-old twins Max and Emme.