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14th Aug 2012

Jennifer’s Mother ‘Delighted’ About Daughter’s Engagement

Jennifer Aniston's mother is said to be happy for her daughter despite finding out about the news at the same time as everyone else in the world...

According to reports this morning, Jennifer Aniston’s mother only found out about her daughter’s engagement through the media.

Nancy is said to be ‘delighted’ about the news which she only heard after the happy couple released an official statement.


The happy couple got engaged on Friday on Justin’s birthday.

The former Friends star has always had a difficult relationship with her mother which goes towards explaining the lack of communication to the pair.

Back in 1996 Nancy spoke about Jennifer in an interview before publishing a book about the issues they had causing a rift between the pair.

While things are said to have improved slightly since then, as seen when Jennifer rushed to her mother’s side after she suffered a stroke, it is clear that the two remain distant.

Jennifer has a close relationship with her father John Aniston. 

Radar Online reported that despite finding out about the engagement through an official public statement, Nancy is happy for her A-list daughter and reckons Justin is the one.

Well, Nancy, that’s you and us both!