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12th Jul 2012

Jennifer Lopez Says Early Mornings Keep Her In Shape

The singer has revealed to Heat Magazine that she gets up early to stay in shape and isn't it working well?

Jennifer Lopez has revealed that early mornings are the reason behind her fabulous figure.

The singer apparently gets up at four in the morning, that’s right four in the morning, to start her workout. It consists of Pilates and dance which explains her, what look to be, rock-hard abs.

According to Heat magazine the 42 year old does this hour and a half long routine six days a week and also avails of personal trainer to the stars Tracy Andersen.

As well as a rigorous exercise routine she abides by the Dukan diet which is very high in protein and has been favoured by other celebrities in the past including Kate Middleton.

Even though we can’t see ourselves getting up that early and cutting out our favourite foods, we reckon Jennifer looks pretty great, especially considering she only gave birth to her twins two years ago. 

But let’s face it, if her workouts are as energetic as this performance on American Idol we’re not surprised!