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07th Aug 2012

Jedward Get Half-Naked and Sultry for New Photo Book

Do we want to see this..? Jedward strip for their new photo book...available only by mail order.

Is there too high a price to pay for a book with Jedward posing half-naked in it?

Maybe so, but pop twins Jedward have stripped off for a new book that will cost their fans a massive €105.

John and Edwards Grimes, 20, pose in nothing but black underpants and black shoes and socks on one series of shots in their new book of photos.

All the photographs were shot this summer in Tokyo by famous photographer Leslie Kee.

The boys got adventurous stripping off for a few of the photos. One features the black underwear and sock-wearing twins leaning against each other. Another photo shows John sitting on Edward’s shoulders and a further picture has John lying on his back, balancing his twin above him.

Of course, there is the generic ‘Jedward jump’ shot included too.

The two boys get poignant in black and white, tying themselves up in a fishing net and another shows the sullen-eyed twins staring the camera down. Smoky.

The limited-edition official book is called ‘Super Jedward’ and is available on mail order from Kee, who has previously shot stars such as Beyonce, Heidi Klum and Paris Hilton.

The Jedward book, which has a limited edition run of 4,000, features 52 pages of new pictures. The price is made up of €65 for the book and €40 for postage.

Some fans have admitted the book’s price tag is out of their reach.

The twins kick off their tour in the INEC in Killarney tonight, fingers crossed they’re fully clothed.