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31st Jul 2012

Jedward Fans Are Not Impressed With The Twins’ New BFF…

Let's just say that Jedward's fans don't exactly approve of their new friendship with actress Tara Reid...

So it turns out that we’re not the only ones who find the new friendship between Jedward and Tara Reid a little bit…eh…weird. Apparently Jedward’s fans aren’t exactly thrilled about it either.

The Irish Daily Star reports that Jedward were forced to defend their relationship with their new BFF Tara Reid yesterday, after dozens of Jedheads (that’s Jedward fans, ladies) blamed her for being the reason why they were snubbed by the twins at Dublin airport on Sunday night.

In fact, the Jedheads were so annoyed about Tara Reid distracting the boys from them that her name actually started trending on Twitter yesterday, as fans ranted about the incident.

According to reports, dedicated Jedward fans waited at the airport for hours in order to catch a glimpse of John and Edward when they arrived home from Cannes late on Sunday night. And more than 600 fans stayed up waiting for the twins online, hoping to see them on Twitcam.

However, the fans were disappointed when Jedward, who were accompanied by Tara Reid, were whisked through the VIP area by police at Dublin airport and left immediately by taxi.

Of course, the fans immediately began blaming Tara Reid for the incident, but Jedward immediately leapt to her defence and, using her Twitter account, told fans that it wasn’t her fault and Tara even apologised to the Jedheads:

But let’s just say a lot of fans weren’t exactly pleased about the situation, with some blaming the actress for “tearing the fandom apart” and accusing her of being “a bad influence” on the twins.

Seriously though, WHY is Tara Reid hanging out with Jedward? Anyone??