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21st Aug 2012

Jay-Z Sues His Personal Chef Because He Buckled Under The Heat

Jay-Z has filed a lawsuit against his former chef Mike Shand for failing to fulfill his duties at a New York restaurant

Hip Hop King Jay-Z has filed a €1.5 million (€1.2 million) dollar lawsuit against his former chef Mike Shands who failed to impress in the rapper’s new restaurant.

The chef cooked for the rapper and his wife Beyonce on his latest tour and subsequently was hired to run the kitchen in Jay-Z’s sports club, Manhattan 40/40.

According to The New York Post, the lawsuit was filed because Shands “failed to perform on significant aspects [of the club].”

Mike Shands was the personal chef for Beyonce and Jay-Z while he was on tour

As a result Jay-Z and his partner Juan Perez were unable to deliver what they promised to clients at the sports club costing the pair €1.5 million (€1.2 million).

The lawsuit states that Shands’ failure to perform “cost the club lost profits, loss of good will and alienation of the clientele.”

“The club has not been able to adequately replace the items and the services the defendant was paid to provide.”

The club serves simple foods to sports fans including nachos, herb crusted mac’n’cheese and flame grilled tequila chicken breasts.

The lawyer representing Shands said: “Mike’s a great chef, and it is unclear why 40/40 would contemplate a lawsuit against him. Nevertheless, we will respond accordingly when he gets served with the complaint.”

Jay-Z and Beyonce have been spending time in a luxurious rented mansion in the Hamptons and have been hosting dinner parties with A-List guests including Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.

The pair were believed to have dined with Chris Martin and his wife Gwyenth in recent weeks