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09th Aug 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal Has Become a Couch Potato and Avoids the Gym

The Hollywood actor revealed that he has let himself go.


Hollywood hunk Jake Gyllenhaal admitted that he has given up exercising.

The Love and Other Drugs star said his tough work out regime is a thing of the past.

According to The Irish Daily Mirror, the actor said: “I haven’t cycled in a long time. I don’t run anymore.

“Exercising regularly doesn’t fit the energy of the character I’m playing right now,” he said.

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The 31-year-old actor is starring in new police thriller End of Watch and said the role has changed him.

“The director told me right off that this was going to affect my soul.

“He said ‘Friends are going to say the Jake I’ve always known, but somewhere deep inside you’ll know otherwise’.

“We had a fight training every morning at a Kenpo Karate dojo and I got the sh*t kicked out of me.

Jake plays a cop in his latest film End of Watch

“Then we went to the shooting range, shooting past each other’s heads with live ammo.

“They stimulated fire in the movie but Dave wanted us to feel what it’s like,” he finished. hopes Jake gets over this lazy phase pronto because we would miss his hot bod very much!