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28th Aug 2012

Jack Osbourne is Eating Better and Exercising More Since his MS Diagnosis

The reality star’s fiancée Lisa is making sure he’s doing the right things for his body.

Jack Osbourne’s fiancée Lisa Stelly is “making sure he is healthy” after he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in June.

The reality star revealed his diagnosis soon after the birth of his daughter Pearl.

However, Jack’s fiancée is deeply concerned about his health and welfare and is trying her best to be supportive.

Jack’s fiancée Lisa Stelly has been very supportive about his health

According to Us Weekly, a family friend said: “Lisa makes sure he is eating right and exercising.”

“They love staying active as a family.”

Although the diagnosis was a blow, a source said Jack is remaining positive.

“He knew something was wrong for a while. Everyone is sad, but he is being strong about it,” said the source.

Jack’s mother Sharon is currently feuding with American network NBC after they axed his latest show ‘Stars Earn Stripes’, because she believes Jack is being discriminated against.

Jack with his mother Sharon and sister Kelly earlier this summer

Speaking on ‘The Talk’, on which his mother is a co-host, Jack said: “I had booked a job, right when I got diagnosed, and the company didn’t think I could actually perform the job.”

“Out of everything, that’s what has really ticked me off the most because it’s like, ‘Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do’. At no point did they call me. I was offended by it,” he said.