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30th Jul 2012

Is J.Lo Planning to Walk Down the Aisle With Her Toy Boy?

Jennifer Lopez goes through men like the office goes through cups of tea, but is she serious about Casper Smart? According to reports, the answer is yes...

Can anyone remember the last time that Jennifer Lopez was single? No…us neither…and it seems like the singer is getting ready to race down the aisle yet again, if recent rumours are to be believed…

The Irish Independent reports that J.Lo is planning to go “the whole nine yards” with her newest beau, Casper Smart, her backing dancer.

Now, call us crazy, but given the fact that J.Lo and Casper have only been a couple for a little while, (and given the fact that the last time Jennifer married a backing dancer it didn’t end well), you’d think that maybe she wouldn’t be so keen to tie the knot again.

But despite the fact that Jennifer is still in the process of getting a divorce from her former husband Marc Anthony, she’s already planning her future wedding to Casper.

“If Casper wanted to elope tomorrow, she’d say yes,” said a source, speaking to the US edition of OK magazine.

“They’ve talked babies, marriage, the whole nine yards,” the source added.

The source also revealed a little too much information about the couple’s relationship.

“While she’s a huge presence and an A-lister, in the bedroom Casper is in control,” said the source. (Eh…we really needed to know that, didn’t we ladies?)

“He isn’t afraid to say what he thinks or stand up to her; he knows she’s ‘J.Lo’ but that at home she’s just the normal mom who’s cooking breakfast for the kids,” the source added.

However, despite the fact that J.Lo is completely head over heels for her toyboy, her nearest and dearest (and the media) are sceptical about whether the relationship has the strength to last.

“The age gap is bound to become an issue. And as much as Jennifer loves the idea of marriage, she’s not necessarily great at it,” admitted the source.

“It involves a lot of compromise and that isn’t her strong suit. But right now, Jennifer and Casper are crazy about each other and friends are bracing for a wedding announcement,” the source said.

Do you think J.Lo will step out with a new dazzler on her ring finger any time soon?