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29th Jul 2012

Is it Official? Ashton And Mila Have Stepped Out in Public Together…

Are they or aren't they? Ashton takes Mila to the wrap party of his latest film...


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, chances are you will have heard the rumours about Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

Okay, so we know that no one has confirmed that Ashton and Mila have been cosying up together, but the pair have made their first official outing together. And we’re of the opinion that actions tend to speak louder than words in some cases…

The Irish Sun reports that Ashton, Demi Moore’s ex hubby, stepped out in public with his rumoured new love interested this weekend. In fact, he took Mila to the wrap party for his new movie Jobs in L.A.

“They both seemed in good spirits, happy and having fun,” said a source who attended the party.

Now, maybe we’re just reading too much into things here, but we’re fairly certain that you wouldn’t take someone who was just your friend to a wrap party.

Anyway, the rumour mill has been in absolute overdrive these past few weeks ever since some suspect photos of Ashton and Mila were published in the media.

Since then, there has been endless talk about the couple and the impact that their alleged relationship would have on Ashton’s already fragile ex-wife Demi Moore.

According to reports, Demi is said to be “beyond heartbroken” over the entire thing ever since the pictures of Ashton and Mila surfaced.

So Ashton has finally been seen in public with Mila – if the rumours are true do you think these guys make a cute couple or are you firmly Team Demi?