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27th Jul 2012

Irish Hunk Bressie Tunes into Home and Away

The Voice of Ireland judge thinks Home and Away’s Irene is looking fine!

Irish hunk Bressie is just like the rest of us. He can’t help but indulge in the odd episode of Home and Away.

The former Blizzards guitarist tweeted that he could not resist indulging in Ireland’s favourite Australian soap opera while chilling out in his hotel room.

The star even said that he liked the hair style of Summer Bay’s longterm resident Irene Roberts.

Home and Away’s Irene Roberts

“In hotel room before gig watching Home and Away for first time in years. Jasus Irene is looking well. Like what she did with her hair,” he wrote.


“I ain’t joking about Irene. She seriously has not aged. The Benjamin Button of the soap world along with Ken Barlow.”

The singer is due to perform at the Big Top Arts Festival in Galway this weekend. thinks Bressie’s Home and Away watching makes him all the more attractive. What do you think?