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15th Jul 2022

Love Island fans react to Luca and Gemma’s confession

Ellen Fitzpatrick

It’s all love.

Love Island fans can’t cope after last night’s episode, between the L-bomb being dropped and Tasha and Andrew making it official, they don’t know what to be thinking.

But it seems to be Luca and Gemma’s love confession that really has them going crazy, and every single viewer is saying the same thing about it.

As the only couple to stay loyal during Casa Amor and being with each other since early on, it was only a matter of time before “I love you” was said.

Heading to the terrace on last night’s episode to reflect on their relationship and their future, they shared a touching moment and confessed their true feelings for each other.

Luca said: “Today has been the best day in the Villa. I wouldn’t want it with anyone else,” before adding: “I’m in love with you.”

Gemma then whispered back: “I love you too.”

But while some thought the gesture was sweet, others felt that Gemma felt under pressure to say it back, as she didn’t immediately answer Luca when he said it.

One person said: “‘I love you’ ‘That’s actually mad to hear that’ LMFAOOOOO GEMMA PLSSSS.”

Another wrote: “LOOOOL wait, Luca said “I love you” and Gemma said “that’s mad to hear that”.”

A third noted: “gemma did not want to say i love you back to luca.”

Despite some people not believing her, many others defended the 19 year old, claiming she is just more reserved and shy when it comes to her feelings.

One wrote: “I honestly do think Gemma does like Luca she’s just reserved.”

Another said: “Luca and Gemma kinda have my heart ngl.”

While a third penned: “Can we take a second to commemorate Luca, he has not kissed ONE girl to “test the waters”, slept on the day beds, and spoke facts to the other boys when they kissed other girls. I hope Luca and Gemma come 2nd if not 1st. They both stayed loyal.”