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25th Jul 2012

In the Dog House: Michelle Keegan Won’t Let Ex See Their Dog…

Michelle Keegan is denying Max George visitation rights when it comes to seeing their little puppy Pip the Chihuahua...

Breaking up is hard to do – it’s even harder when you have something else to worry about. In this case, it’s the welfare of a little furry companion.

According to reports today, Coronation Street’s Michelle Keegan has denied her ex-boyfriend Max George, of The Wanted fame, visiting rights to the miniature Chihuahua that he bought her as an engagement present last year.

Michelle and Max parted ways when Michelle discovered that he had been sexting his former girlfriend, and it was only last week that Max was seen wearing the face off a mystery blonde in a night club.

Sexting? Shifting randomers? Yeah…we can understand why Michelle is a tad bit mad.

A source told The Mirror that Michelle is refusing to answer the phone when Max rings and that she has told him, in the few abrupt conversations that they’ve had since the split, that he hasn’t got a hope of seeing Pip the puppy ever again.

In the dog house: Michelle and Max are fighting over a chihuahua.

“Max has had a hell of a week. He’s been so down about everything that’s happened and has been working really hard to try and take his mind off things,” said the source.

“He loved that dog and is furious that even though he splashed the cash on it he’ll never see it again,” the source added.

We wonder if the former couple will be able to work something out…for the sake of Pip the Chihuahua like. Won’t somebody think of the puppy?