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18th Oct 2014

“I Don’t Think We’ll Come To Blows” Una Foden Speaks Out About Fellow Voice of Ireland Judge Rachel Stevens

"I already feel a bond starting to form with Rachel."

Filming for the Voice of Ireland has kicked off for the new series and new judges, Una Foden Foden and Rachel Stevens are already making headlines.

The Saturdays star, Una, revealed that there will be no rivalry with Rachel as the show’s blind auditions get underway.

Speaking to The Herald she said; “I don’t think we’ll come to blows. I come from The Saturdays where we’re more like sisters and I already feel a bond like that starting to form with Rachel. We’re all about girl power.”

voice of ireland
Una shared these behind the scenes pics on her Instagram account. 

The pair will feature as judges on the show along with long-standing judges Cian Egan and Bressie.

Una, who is pregnant with her second child, also gave us a sneak peek behind the scenes at the popular show, posting photos on to her Instagram account.